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Insanity Club

This section is devoted to Aki Mikage, who comes to us from Ceres Celestial Legend(aka Ayashi no Ceres). **SPOILER**This seemingly laid back 16-year-old has been possessed by a maniac that's bent on getting what he wants- Ceres-.


Juri-chan's Column:

Aki Mikage is seriously the most psychotic of them all. He has been elected Head of the Insanity Club by a landslide vote(although there were only two voters and we both voted him being worse than Dilandau). Aki starts off as this nice 16-year-old and turns into**SPOILER** a blood-lusting, sister-lusting, Ceres-lusting maniac. He doesn't care who he kills to get Ceres back. He also happens to be lusting after Aya which is just creepy. I'm feeling a scream coming on. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* I think I'll be alright until I begin to look at these pics of poor Aki. Aki(when he's transformed) is worse than Nakago. I no longer hate Nakago(the villan from Fushigi Yuugi) because I hate the Mikage more and plus Nakago didn't happen to lust after his twin sister.... um.... Nyerg... I'm running to my corner now....

Cat's Column:

Yet another member of the nut-case society. Aki scares me, really scares me, and no one scares me more than Dilandau except for him. I mean at least Dilly didn't go lusting after his twin sister and try to destroy his entire family. Meep!!! Alright so maybe the destroying the family thing is relivant to Dilandau, but still! So far when it comes to insanity Aki takes the cake! I mean this is worse than the whole Nanami/Touga thing! At least she wasn't kissing and trying to kill her brother at the same time! Ahhhh! Ok, I'm running back to my nice safe little corner.